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Thin beeswax taper candles are handmade candles. We make them by using ancient technique of dipping cotton and unbleached wick in liquid beeswax. It is time consuming process but the one that is fully man-made and where we have a full control over how the candle is made.

Beeswax thin taper candles are unique candles as each candle will vary slightly in shape. They are all tapers but with a small twist thanks to dipping in beeswax.

Burn time – approx 1hr

Length approx 20cm

Width (at base) approx 7mm


Why Beeswax Candles?

Beeswax is known for it’s healing, purifying and natural properties. It’s origin is dated back to ancient time and in fact bees were present on earth for over 150 milion year. Beeswax is made by bees and there is no chemicals in it. Commercial candles are made of paraffin which is a by-product of petrol. We add absolutely nothing to beeswax. Our candles are 100% pure beeswax.

Only beeswax candles release negative ions to the air while burning. They clean the air and are recommended especially for allergic and asthmatic people. For all people beeswax candles create warm and positive atmosphere due to their natural very similar to sun colour of flame.

Is beeswax candle eco-friendly?

Our beeswax candles are 100% eco friendly. They emit almost no smoke (if wick is trimmed properly) and have all benefits or proper beeswax candle. The quality of our beeswax candles can be tested by allowing candles to bloom – process of covering the surface of candle in whitish film that can be wiped out with soft cloth. Our apiaries are eco friendly which means we don’t use any chemicals in or around hives. Both beeswax and honey are sourced ethically. We extract only surplus of honey and beeswax. We don’t feed sugar back to our bees (unless they are close to starvation in period of excessive bad weather or unexpected lack of nectar). Our queens are well taker care of and we don’t mark them with chemicals neither wings are clipped. We believe in old ways of beekeeping and as a 3rd generation of beekeepers we can learn from tradition and passion of our family.

We use only pure and natural beeswax that comes from bees. Its not synthetic beeswax as you can buy online and is extracted from hives in apiaries in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We currently have 3 out-apiaries located on 100 acre eco farm, 200 acres farm and woodland in Bedfrodshire and in the middle of green belt of Hertfordshire with 100 years old lime trees and abundant wild life.

Do you use any plastic?

No, absolutely no plastic in or around our candles. Packaging and whole production is plastic free. We use only natural resources such as kraft paper, corrugated paper and cardboard. In fact we tend to recycle as much as possible and unless advised otherwise, we recycle cardboards in most cases for shipping. We tend to use a bare minimum of materials for packaging and shipping making sure candles are safe and secure during shipping process.

What’s the application of thin beeswax tapers?

The sky is the limit. To name a few: eco-friendly birthday cake candles, wedding gifts, wedding reception, baptism candle, party candle, church ceremony, church candle, byzantine candle, orthodox candle. We made them for all different occasions and ceremonies. For sure they are very versatile and work well as both gift and personal use.

Are they handmade?

100%. We use ancient technique of dipping cotton wick in pool of wax. The process is time consuming but results are just amazing. Each candle is build of layers of beeswax and each candle is unique.

What materials are used?

Only pure and natural beeswax and cotton wick (no paper or metal core, just cotton wick). For a tag we use kraft paper. And natural jute twine.

What colour am I getting?

Beeswax is a natural wax and will vary in colour. Beeswax comes from 3 main parts of a hive: – brood combs (where you bees are being raised) and will be dark in colour; – super combs (where honey is being stored) and will be lighter in colour – probably what you think of as colour of beeswax should be; and – capping – when honey stored in a hive is ripped and can be extracted, bees will cap it with thin layer of very light coloured beeswax. We work on batches of beeswax from each of above beeswax. Therefore both coiler and scent will vary from one batch of candles to another. This is expected and absolutely normal. Scent and colour will vary and unless you have a certain preference and tell us so, candles you will get will party from the pictures you see here. But beeswax properties, our process and standards are unchanged. It’s still 100% natural, eco-friendly and plastic free candle that will have all the benefits and properties that only beeswax can provide.

Can I customise?

Yes you can customise size of candles, personal message on a tag or even strip all extras such as string or tag and get candles only with minimum packaging.

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Number of Candles

1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000

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Love your produce. Nothing beats beeswax candlelight.

Tapered thin candles

Amazing product which fits the Chanukah menorah beautifully. Magdalena was very accommodating in sending the product in time for Chanukah despite being so busy and managing many orders. Beautiful product, professional and kind customer service


Thin Taper Candle

Beautiful Handmade Candles

We LOVE our Thin Taper Candles! So delicate, elegant and beautifully made. They will now be saved for Christmas as we will not be gathering with family. And we have bought Five Bees candles to send to folks as gifts for Christmas. We all need a little joy and light this year. Thank you Five Bees!

Taper Beeswax Candles.

Just beautiful,still handmade today,perfect delivery !