Local Raw Honey | Unpasteurised | Organic Standards


Raw, unpasteurised local honey. And nothing more.

Our honey comes straight from the hives, extracted and bottled in our apiary in Hertfordshire. Honey is local and collected from plants and herbs growing on the eco friendly farm near the woodlands where our hives are located. It has all natural goodness in it and is of more than organic standards as absolutely no chemicals are used in or around our hives.

Our promise to you

  • Honey is cold extracted and raw
  • Never heated
  • Never processed
  • 100% Natural
  • Local honey with no chemicals.

Raw honey is coarse filtered to minimise exposure to air. Therefore it’s full of pollen, crucial and fragile enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It will crystallise after a while.

It takes us less than 30min to transfer it from honeycomb to a jar.

Raw honey is mild in flavour with distinct notes of phacelia, lime and wild flowers notes. Colour is golden yellow.

Raw honey has a multiple of health benefits. Among main ones are:

– antibacterial properties:

– sooth the soar throat, wound healing and relieving coughs

– good source of antioxidant

– anti-fungal properties

– fairly low glycemic index

– anti-inflammatory effects

Jar of 8oz (220g).

Local Raw Honey. Unpasteurised and of Organic Standards

Is honey local raw and unprocessed?

Yes, our honey is local, raw, cold extracted and never heated. That’s why a jar of raw honey is full of natural goodies. Pollen, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Is it local honey?

Yes it is local honey. British honey that comes form our apiaries in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Why raw honey is superior to other mass produced honey available on the market?

Main difference is that we know our honey and can guarantee that this is raw honey coming from particular hive and apiary. We are able to track down its origin unlike mass produced honey that is mainly blend of EU and non-EU honey. In practice it can mean everything but honey.

Our raw honey is British and local which means it clock down only a few miles from apiary to our home. Unlike all Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese or other jars of honey that are travelling extensively through the world before it gets on your toast. Or porridge.

Honey we offer is unprocessed. This is important as we are able to capture all benefits of honey in a jar. We offer you exactly the same honey as we and our bees consume on daily basis.

High street honey is pasteurised to kill any potential germs adulterating the honey and extend its shelf life. Unfortunately, pasteurisation kills not only germs but also temperature sensitive enzymes and vitamins. We know our honey and don’t need that extra protection. Our honey can easily be stored in cold and dark cupboard for 3 years.

Why raw honey crystallises?

Natural and raw honey will eventually crystallise. It’s a matter of time. It’s a chemistry behind ration of sugars (70%) and water (max 20%) in honey that causes the crystallisation. Basically honey contains more sugar that water can hold. Thus making honey unstable. Main sugar in honey is called glucose and in different honey its content varies. The more glucose the quicker crystallisation as glucose is less soluble in water.  When glucose crystallises it separates from water and becomes tiny crystals. With time, more and more crystals are formed and honey becomes thick or solid.

Nothing wrong with that. In fact crystallisation helps honey preserve its nutritional values. And to bring raw honey to liquid state a warm bath is enough (water temperature less than 40C please as otherwise you will start killing good little creatures in your honey).

What raw honey is good for?

Anything sweet you like will be even better with honey rather than regular sugar. Porridge, toast, yogurt, nuts – they all go well with honey. There is an increasing demand for casual sweets made with honey rather than sugar. Lollipops are one example.

But honey has much more to offer than just sugar alternative. Honey is a natural and quite powerful antioxidant. And antioxidants helps preventing chronic conditions as well as cancer.

Natural honey is rich on nutritional side and following vitamin and minerals are common for raw honey: niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc.

Raw honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. It cleans and heals wounds, relieving coughs and diarrhoea symptoms. And some research went as far as claiming that raw honey benefits the brain. An animal study found that rats that consumed honey had protection against brain damage caused by exposure to lead.

Is local raw honey good for children?

Natural honey is good for everybody. Although children below 12 months of age should not consume raw honey due to Clostridium bacteria that can be found in soil and honey. 1 year old children have their digestive system not developed yet and honey can compromise their health. It’s a rare condition but as a precautions, honey should be consumed from 1st year of age onwards.

Is honey vegan?

Raw honey is extracted as a surplus to bees’ needs. In fact we leave our bees with that much honey they easily survive the winter. Therefore we do not over – exploit bees. This is a misconception among some part of vegans that beekeepers steal honey from bees and as unethical tactics are employed, honey can’t be consume by vegans. We are ethical beekeepers and well-being of our bees are of paramount importance. To give you one additional example, if we were to leave all the honey in a hive, bees would overflow all cells with fresh nectar leaving no space for queen to lay eggs and increase the colony. And hence bees leave (in a peak season of honey collection) 2-4 weeks, a population of bees would diminish soon. Ethical management of honey harvest is essential for well-being of bees.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we offer a small honey wedding favours. They are perfect not only as a gift but will give you a perfect sense of what our honey is about.

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Ben Gordon
Loving the local Bee product!

Great tasting, natural and not processed - I even think it's helped with my hayfever. I've stopped buying from the big companies and starting going more local and Five Bees Yard is a great example of local business produce, delivered smartly and tasty product! Thank you!

Very tasty

A tasty, natural honey, perfect for stirring into porridge or drizzling over yogurt.

Ann Idrissi

Local Raw Honey | Unpasteurised | Organic Standards

R Tsang
Excellent products!

Placed some products from this store several times. They have never failed to satisfy me. I will call again!

Ena Petrie
Delicious Honey

Truley delicious local Honey, speedy delivery so will not be purchasing honey from the local supermarket ever again.