What size is available?


Large Dining – approx 23cm tall x 2.1cm at the bottom. Burning time – approx. 8h

Medium Dining – approx 18cm tall x 1.9cm at the bottom. Burning time – approx. 5h

Medium Spiral – approx 18cm tall x 1.8cm at the bottom. Burning time – approx. 4h

Small Spiral – approx 14cm tall x 2cm at the bottom. Burning time – approx. 4h


candleholder A – 7cm tall x 3cm wide

candleholder B – 7cm tall x 3cm wide (top) x 5cm (bottom)

Are dyes eco friendly?

Yes, like all candles we make, those coloured taper candles are equally sustainable and eco friendly. Dyes are natural and have no impact on quality of raw beeswax. It is 100% natural candle.

Does coloured dinner candles make any smoke?

Not ours. Assuming they are placed in draft free location, away from open windows, vents or air con, they will be smokeless.

Are coloured candle stick dripless?

Yes, dining candles are dripless – this is again under assumption of draft free place where candles are light as well as upright position in candle holder. Spiral candles may drip due to their shape. Although dripping should be minimal.

Where do candles come from?

All our candles are hand made in our eco apiary in Hertfordshire. We use only natural raw beeswax extracted from hives as opposed to commercial “beeswax” made in factories.

Do you wholesale?

Yes we wholesale. Please contact us with details how many candle you are interested in and we can discuss details.

Weight90 g
Dimensions20 cm
Size & Style

Large Dining, Medium Dining, Medium Spiral, Small Spiral


No – just candles, Holder A, Holder B

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