Eco Gift Card


In a hurry? Need something special right now? Can’t decide what exactly? Or maybe you just looking for something more generic, ticking all boxes? We thought about that as well. Simply buy a Gift Card for your loved one. Instant delivery to email of your choice. You can send the card to your loved person or simply grab the codes yourself and send when and how you want it. You can also add a special message to be more thoughtful. Oh, and don’t forget to check out! And let us do the rest.

Q. What Is Eco Gift Card?

A. Eco Gift Card is a paperless gift card allowing you to send a gift to the loved person. You decide when and who gets it. As well as how much you want to gift. No need for printing, packing up or sending anything. All is totally paperless and in eco friendly way.


Q. How Does It Work?

A. Gift Card works as any other product you buy online with that extra bit of flexibility and freedom for both you and person gifted.

You choose how much you want to gift, whether gift card will be sent directly to your loved person or you prefer to get the gift codes yourself and hand them over in a different way than email. And what’s more, you can add that mindful touch of special message we’ll send to the gifted person. Choice is yours.

Once you add the gift card to your basket, don’t forget to check out and we’ll do the rest!


Q. How Can I Use My Gift Card?

A. Type the voucher codes in the “Have a Gift Card” box during check out. That’s it!


Q. Gift Card – Fine Print

A. Nothing special. Just remember a couple of points

  • Eco Gift Card is valid for a year from date of purchase
  • Card is valid for any items from our shop
  • Card cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Voucher can be used in one or more purchases


Q. What Else Can I Use Voucher Card For?

A. Sky is the limit. Think of the card as Thank You Card, Christening Gift, Surprise Gift, Eco Friendly Gift, Sustainable Gift, Baptism Gift, Last Minute Gift, Voucher Christmas Gift or simply Surprise Somebody Gift.

And let’s face it – we all do forget about those (not so random) dates. Instant gift card will reach its destination in no time.

  • Beeswax Container Candle with Wooden Lid


    Raw beeswax candle in black container with wooden lid is hand poured by us in our eco friendly apiary. It comes with a kraft paper label and optional kraft box. Perfect as a unique gift or just for personal use.

    Choose between scented and unscented candle to match your personal preference.

    CANDLE SIZE: 10cm(including lid) high and 7.5cm wide

    Burning time: approx.30hrs +

  • Birthday Candles. Eco – Friendly and Non – Toxic


    Raw beeswax birthday candles are healthy and non- toxic alternative to high street birthday candles.

    Candles are hand made using only raw beeswax (extracted from hives) and unbleached cotton.

    Beeswax birthday candles are made in our apiary in Hertfordshire. No additives, no colourant, no chemicals.

    The colour may vary as natural beeswax varies. But it always be pure and natural beeswax. Candles are unscented although natural subtle fragrance of beeswax can be smelled.

    Each pack contain 10 handmade beeswax candles.

    Dimensions: approx 6cm (h) x 6mm (w). Burning time: approx 20min.

  • Taper Beeswax Candles – Gift Set of 2


    Our Beeswax Taper Candles are truly handmade candles. Made with 100% natural beeswax.

    Taper candles are made by a repeated process of dipping cotton, unbleached wick in a liquid beeswax. No forms are used. It is a time consuming process but worth every second spent on it. The result is a unique taper candle with small irregularities in shape and structure. Each candle will naturally vary but they all will be made to highest standards of ancient candle making art.

    Beeswax taper candles are drip-less and leave no sooth. Our beeswax is triple filtered and is of highest quality. As a result each batch of candles will vary in colour.

    For more information, please see detailed description below. Or simply contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.


    Approximate dimensions of beeswax taper candles

    2cm wide (at the base)

    20cm tall

    Custom dimensions are possible. Please contact us with more details.