What colourful candles are made of?

Our colourful spiral candles are made of 100% natural beeswax extracted from hives (as opposed to commercial beeswax artificially made in factories).

What colours of spiral candles are available?

Our autumn/winter selection of colourful twisted candles is in the following range of colours: natural beeswax (yellow), black, grey, olive green, petrol blue, brown and burgundy red.

Can I purchase black candle without a holder?

Yes, it’s up to you but you can buy black candle (or any colour) with holder (or without).

What stands are available?

As of now, we offer 2 handmade by us candle holders.

– Straight stand

– 2-part stand (narrower at the top part) and wider at the bottom part.

Once you select which stand you prefer, the picture on the left will show your selection so you can be assured about your selection.

When I expect my purchase to be delivered?

All our colourful candles and candle holders are handmade in our Hertfordshire apiary. We usually need 1-3 days to make and cure our products before they can be shipped (you have a choice of standard shipping – approx 3 days delivery or fast 1 day delivery). We encourage you to get in touch if you are in hurry or have specific deadline in mind.

Colour of Candle

Natural Beeswax (Yellow), Black, Grey, Brown, Petrol Blue, Olive Green, Burgundy Red, Holder only – no candles


No, just candles, Straight holder, 2-part holder

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