Coloured Dinner Candles | Winter Colours Candle


Beeswax coloured dinner candles. 100% natural candle with eco dye used. Candles are dripless and smokeless. They do not stain.

Long burn of approx 6hrs.

Dimensions: approx 20cm tall and 2cm at the base.


What colours are available for coloured dinner candles?

After months of testing we decided to offer 6 autumn/winter colours beeswax candles. These are: black, dark grey, petrol blue, olive, burgundy red, brown and natural beeswax (yellow) colour of candle stick.

Are dyes eco friendly?

Yes, like all candles we make, those coloured taper candles are equally sustainable and eco friendly. Dyes are natural and have no impact on quality of raw beeswax. It is 100% natural candle.

Does coloured dinner candles make any smoke?

Not ours. Assuming they are placed in draft free location, away from open windows, vents or air con, they will be smokeless.

Are coloured candle stick dripless?

Yes, candles are dripless – this is again under assumption of draft free place where candles are light as well as upright position in candle holder.

What is burn time?

Candles will burn for as long as 5hrs.

What is size of a candle?

Coloured dinner candles are approx. 20cm tall and 2cm at the base.

Where do candles come from?

All our candles are hand made in our eco apiary in Hertfordshire. We use only natural raw beeswax extracted from hives as opposed to commercial “beeswax” made in factories.

Do you wholesale?

Yes we wholesale. Please contact us with details how many candle you are interested in and we can discuss details.

Additional information

Weight90 g
Dimensions20 cm

Natural (Yellow), Black, Dark Grey, Petrol Blue, Olive, Burgundy Red, Brown

Customer Reviews

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Lesley West
Natural BEESWAX hand dipped candle.

Natural BEESWAX hand dipped. DeLIGHTful


I bought these to go in a fresh garden display which will take pride of place in the middle of our Christmas table. I love the gorgeous, warm smell of the Beeswax without any horrible smoke and knowing that the dye used is eco friendly too, makes these candles aboslutely perfect...roll on Christmas!!

Gorgeous candles

I've bought beeswax candles from Five Bees Yard in the past, and yet again beautiful candles delivered securely in completely recycle/reusable packaging. I was especially excited about the range of coloured beeswax tapered candles, which will be a lovely addition to our home over the festive season. Highly recommend!

  • Twisted Candle | Dinner Candlelight


    Made of raw & natural beeswax extracted from hives. Subtle natural scent of honey.

    Our candles are hand made in our apiary in Hertfordshire. No chemicals, no colourants, no additives. 100% pure & sustainable raw beeswax.

    Size of a candle is approx.

    – Long candle – 19cm high x 18mm wide (at the bottom)

    – Medium candle – 14cm high x 20mm wide (at the bottom).

  • Beeswax Pillar Candle | Candle Tray


    A selection of pillar block beeswax candles. We also hand make matching candle trays. All hand made and made to order. From small tea-light type of candle to large lantern candles being able to burn outside your house.

    Pillar beeswax candles are made from pure beeswax in our apiary in Hertfordshire. We make them all by hand using only natural beeswax directly from hives.

    Candle trays are made from architectural eco concrete. Small tray fits all candle of 4.5cm width and Oval tray fits all candles of 7.5cm. All 9.5cm wide candles will not fit either of trays.

    Beeswax candles are the only sustainable candles and truly eco-friendly option to high street candles.

    Pillar candles are zero-waste option. Once burnt there’s nothing left.Trays are reusable and will last.

    Beeswax candles have natural subtle scent. They also emit light very similar to the sun. Our candles are great anti-depressant too as they cheer up you mood and spirit. Colour may vary as we use only natural beeswax (as opposed to synthetic one).

    Pillar beeswax candles we make are raw candles and their wick may require trimming. Also keep candles away from drafts and busy areas in your house.

    Dimensions: from 2cm (h) x 4.5cm (w) to 28 cm (h) x 9.5 cm (w). Burn time: approx 4 hrs – 100 hrs +

    Please note raw beeswax shrinks when solid and please use above dimensions as best approximation. Real numbers may vary a bit.

  • Bees Wax Stubby Candles | Tealights & Candle Holder Gift Box


    Truly unique hand dipped beeswax stubby candles. Presented in a gift box along tealights and holder. The holder is made from architectural eco concert and is hand made by us. Both candles will fit the holder.

    Each box has personal wishes what can be printed in the inside of the box.

    Beeswax stubby candles are hand made using old technique of dipping wick in liquid pool of beeswax.

    Refill candles can be bought separately making this a gift to last rather than one-off, use-and-bin me set.

    Dimensions: Box: 22cm x 15cm x 6cm. Stubby candles – 14cm (h) x 3cm (w at the bottom). Tealights – approx 16mm (h) x 37mm (w).  Burning time approx 2-10hrs + (depends on the chosen size). Candle holder: approx 4cm (w) x 5cm (h).