Waldorf Ring Candles. Montessori Candles. Grimms Celebration Ring Candles


What are celebration candles made of?

All our Waldorf/Montessori/Grimms Ring Celebration Candles are made of pure and 100% natural beeswax. We make all candles of raw beeswax in our apiary in Hertfordshire.

Therefore our celebration candles will work well with your candle lightening verse.

Do you add anything to your candles?

No we don’t. What you get is a guaranteed 100% raw and pure beeswax. We are 3rd generation of beekeepers and know a thing or two about real beeswax we use. Beeswax you get is exactly the same as our bees make day in, day out. We want to keep things simple and natural.

Can I use beeswax candles as birthday cake candles?

Absolutely. Since there are no chemicals or additives, you risk nothing. Pure beeswax we use is safe in direct contact with food. You don’t even need plastic holders. And you can stick our candles directly into birthday cake. So no cake candle holders anymore!

What if my celebration ring candles holder is larger/smaller than the candle?

Beeswax candle is very flexible and you can sharpen it with a knife to make is narrower at the base. If your ring is wider than a candle, simply put a few drops of liquid beeswax into your candle holder mouth and place the candle immediately over it. Once beeswax solidifies, it will hold the candle in place. Having said that, we use these candles for our Grimms celebration ring and candles fit standard whole of 12mm.

What is the size of Waldorf Ring Candles?

Each Waldorf Ring Candle is approx 12cm high and 12mm wide at base. Burning time is approx 4hrs.

I need custom size

We are happy to customise your beeswax candles and make you exact dimensions. Drop us a line here and let us know what you need. Always happy to meet individual requirements.

Do you offer larger/smaller taper candles?

If you are looking for large taper candles, please check these beeswax candles

Alternatively thinner taper candles/birthday candle/religious beeswax candles

or traditional birthday cake candles.

Weight50 g
Dimensions15 cm

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