Birthday Candles. Eco – Friendly and Non – Toxic


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Birthday candles are healthy and non- toxic alternative for high street birthday candles.

Candles are hand made with beeswax. We use old technique of hand – dipping the wick in pool of liquid wax. That way each candle is unique and give extra luxury touch to your birthday cake.

Beeswax birthday candles are made in our apiary in Hertfordshire. We use only natural and 100% pure beeswax. No additives, no colourant, no chemicals. Just pure nature straight from a hive.

Celebration cake candles are raw. The colour may vary as natural beeswax varies. But it always be pure and natural beeswax. Candles are unscented although natural subtle fragrance of beeswax can be sensed.

Each pack contain 10 handmade beeswax candles.

Dimensions: approx 7cm (h) x 4mm (w). Burning time: 15min +

Q. Are birthday beeswax candles food safe?

Yes, beeswax is a natural produce made entirely be bees. Beeswax is made by young bees between 12 and 17 day of their lives. Small blocks of fresh wax is produced on their glands. It is estimated that between 4 and 8 kg of honey is being used in the process of production of 1kg of beeswax. Beeswax contains nothing more than nectar and enzymes. Therefore it’s the safest option of all possible wax types. It’s food safe and can be used in direct contact with any food not contamination it at all!


Q. Can beeswax candles be used for children birthday cake?

Yes beeswax candles are definitely for group age of children. In fact we use beeswax birthday cake candles for our kids ranging from 1 to 7 years.


Q. Are they hand made?

Yes, all our birthday candles are hand made in our apiary in Hertfordshire, UK.


Q. Why beeswax birthday candles are superior to those available on high street?

Firstly our candles are made by hand and we know what exactly goes into them – 100% pure beeswax. Secondly beeswax is a natural produce and is safe for use around children and in contact with food. Thirdly beeswax is sustainable produce made exclusively by bees. We don’t cut trees in order to plant soy and produce process it in order to get soy wax. We don’t have to process beeswax extracted from hives in order to get it to the stage where it can be used for candle making. Beeswax is not a by product of petroleum unlike paraffin used to produce cheap high street candles. Lastly, beeswax candles are safe, natural and sustainable candles with lots of medical and health – related benefits.


Q. How long beeswax birthday candles burn?

Burn time is approx 20min. Enough to take that perfect photo.


Q. How many candles do I get?

Each set contains 10 beeswax candles ready to be used in your cake or any other settings. Please note there is no need for a cups holding a beeswax in a cake. Since beeswax candles are safe in contact with food, you can spare some plastic and save the planet 🙂


Q. Do you offer plastic free packaging?

Yes, just let us know what your needs are and we’ll accommodate your request. As an environment friendly people we cut on packaging and offer plastic free packaging. Also we tend to recycle cardboards and boxes to minimise the impact on a planet (and save you some money as well).


Q. Can you customise the candles?

Yes, we can either customise packaging (add your message, birthday wishes, etc) or candles themselves. Just let us know what your requirements are.

Additional information

Weight110 g
Dimensions20 cm
  • Thin Taper Candle


    Thin beeswax taper candles are handmade candles. We make them by using ancient technique of dipping cotton and unbleached wick in liquid beeswax. It is time consuming process but the one that is fully man-made and where we have a full control over how the candle is made.

    Beeswax thin taper candles are unique candles as each candle will vary slightly in shape. They are all tapers but with a small twist thanks to dipping in beeswax.

    Burn time – approx 1hr

    Length approx 22cm

    Width (at base) approx 7mm

  • Waldorf Ring Candles. Christmas Tree Lights Tapers


    Waldorf ring candles are made of 100% pure and natural beeswax. They fit perfectly into Waldorf ring birthday candle holders. Lots of people use them as an alternative for Christmas tree lights. Or simply for birthday cake unique candles. They will also work on its own as table candles or taper candles.

    Montessori and Waldorf birthday ring candles are hand made using old technique of dipping. Therefore each candle is unique as beeswax will settle in a different way on each candle.

    Each beeswax candle is 12cm high and 12mm at base. Burning time is approx 5hrs.

    Price is per 1 candle.