Beeswax Pillar Candles


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Beeswax pillar candle made to order.

Beeswax candles are made in our apiary in Hertfordshire. We use only natural and pure beeswax that comes straight from hives.

Our candles are free from chemicals, colourants and nasty additives “improving” burning. We believe in 100% natural products. Candles we send you are always raw and full of natural goodies that beeswax is meant to have. You can expect that our candles will purify the air (beeswax emits negative ions clearing the air), enlight your house (only beeswax creates the light similar to sun) and brighten your mood (there is nothing better than relax with glass of wine, good book and beeswax candle gently filling your personal space).

Pillar beeswax candles are unscented. But they have a natural gentle scent which resembles a mixture of honey and hive.

Beeswax is sustainable product and scent and colour of our candles will vary. This is not a synthetic beeswax and in nature beeswax occurs in different part of hives having different scent and colour. Wick needs to be trimmed short and candle burnt in draft free area in order to have soot-free experience.

Dimensions: approx 9cm (h) x 7cm (w). Burning time approx 30hrs +

Q. What beeswax do you use?

A. We use only natural and pure beeswax. All our candles are made in our apiary in Hertfordshire, UK. Candles are hand made. We use only natural, unscented and free from any chemicals beeswax. Exactly like it was intended and made by bees. We don’t add any chemicals, scents or alter the composition of beeswax. All our candles are raw beeswax candles offering you all the usual goodies stored and kept in beeswax.


Q. What’s the advantage of using beeswax candles?

A. There are lots of scientific articles and practitioners all saying the same thing – only beeswax is the natural and healthy option among all types of wax. Pure and natural beeswax burns cleanly, producing less soot and lasting longer. Beeswax candles emit negative ions cleaning and improving quality of air. Lots of people saying that after they switch to beeswax candles their allergy symptoms relieved or disappeared. Beeswax candles are believed to be a good antidepressant as it produces a light very similar to the one sun emits – bright and yellow. And for those of us who are environment conscious and friendly, there is an argument of sustainability of beeswax. Produced by bees in the process of nectar collection, beeswax does not require human intervention (like deforestation for soy plants) neither is made in laboratories. We extract only what bees made and in quantities bees allow us to extract.


Q. What is the scent and colour or candle I will get?

A. As a natural product, beeswax will vary both in terms of scent and colour. Therefore our pictures are showing different sizes but also different colours. These are all natural beeswax. Beeswax may come from either brood box – place where queen lays eggs and young bees are being raised (and will be dark in colour), supers – boxes where honey is being stored (and will be yellow to dark yellow in colour) and honey cappings – wax holding ripen honey in cells (and will be anything from whitish to light yellow). As we don’t bleach our beeswax and don’t add any chemicals, what we offer is natural beeswax candle that will vary in colour – depending on the actual batch of beeswax we currently work on. Regardless of its colour beeswax has exactly the same properties.

Likewise colour, scent will vary as well. Like in a nature, there are flowers with more and less distinctive scents. As beeswax is very much depended on nectar and type of flowers bees collected it from, scent of beeswax will vary. Once candle is lit the scent becomes more pronounced.


Q. Do I need to trim wick?

A. Our candles are raw beeswax candles. It means we don’t change its structure, don’t add any chemicals nor bleach it. You get all the benefits of nature and beeswax only in raw beeswax. Therefore we advise to always keep the size of wick at max 5mm. This way performance of a candle is optimal and chances of creating a soot minimal. Also trim a wick whenever you think the flame is too strong. When you trim the wick please be very careful as liquid beeswax has a temperature above 65C. Put the flame down, cut the wick and remove all wick residue not allowing it to get to the beeswax pool and re-lit the candle again

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