• Sustainable Dinner Candle


    Dinner candle made of raw and pure beeswax – the only natural and sustainable type of wax. Standard height is approx 20cm and width at the base is approx 2cm.

    Candles are hand made using ancient technique of hand-dipping. That way you get a very unique candle which will slightly vary in shape. This is due to beeswax settling in different way on each candle.

    Our beeswax dinner candles are dripless.

    Price is per 1 candle. 1 pair (uncut wick) equals 2 candles.

  • Twisted Candle | Dinner Candlelight


    Made of raw & natural beeswax extracted from hives. Subtle natural scent of honey.

    Our candles are hand made in our apiary in Hertfordshire. No chemicals, no colourants, no additives. 100% pure & sustainable raw beeswax.

    Size of a candle is approx.

    – Long candle – 19cm high x 18mm wide (at the bottom)

    – Medium candle – 14cm high x 20mm wide (at the bottom).