Honey of organic standards. Unpasteurised, unheated and full of unwinding wild flowers flavour.

  • Raw Honey | Unpasteurised and of Organic Standards


    Raw, unpasteurised local honey. And nothing more.

    Our honey comes straight from the hives, extracted and bottled in our apiary in Hertfordshire. Honey is local and collected from plants and herbs growing on the eco friendly farm near the woodlands where our hives are located. It has all natural goodness in it and is of more than organic standards as absolutely no chemicals are used in or around our hives.

    Our promise to you

    • Honey is cold extracted and raw
    • Never heated
    • Never processed
    • 100% Natural
    • Local honey with no chemicals.

    Raw honey is coarse filtered to minimise exposure to air. Therefore it’s full of pollen, crucial and fragile enzymes, minerals and vitamins. It will crystallise after a while.

    It takes us less than 30min to transfer it from honeycomb to a jar.

    Raw honey is mild in flavour with distinct notes of phacelia, lime and wild flowers notes. Colour is golden yellow.

    Raw honey has a multiple of health benefits. Among main ones are:

    – antibacterial properties:

    – sooth the soar throat, wound healing and relieving coughs

    – good source of antioxidant

    – anti-fungal properties

    – fairly low glycemic index

    – anti-inflammatory effects

    Jar of 8oz (220g).