• Beeswax Mini Candle Wedding Favour


    1oz min beeswax candles are perfect as any party favours. They are well received at weddings, christening, baptism, all stag dos and for so many party favours. You name it.

    They come with golden lid in standard. You can arrange your own decoration or simply leave them simple as they are.

    We use only pure and natural beeswax. No artificial colours, no additives, no chemicals. Our beeswax candles are anti-allergic, anti-asthmatic and improve wellbeing and mood.

    Choose between scented and unscented candle to match your personal preference.

    Candles are made to order. If you are in a hurry, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

    Price is for 1 candle. Wholesale is available. Please contact us for more details.

    CANDLE SIZE: 4cm (including lid) high and 4cm wide. Lid is 4.3cm (diameter) and any 4cm round sticker can be attached.

    Burning time: approx. 4hrs +

  • Cosmetic Grade Beeswax. Raw Pure and Natural


    Our cosmetic grade beeswax is made by bees. Unlike synthetic beeswax, it is pure and 100% natural product. We do not bleach our beeswax. Neither add any chemicals. It is a cosmetic grade beeswax and has a wide range of application in and around house. From making your own cosmetics to weatherproofing to candle making.

    Price is per one oz bar (approx 35g).

  • Handmade and Eco-Friendly Tea Lights


    Tealights made with pure and natural beeswax.

    Candles are made by hand and made-to-order in our apiary in Hertfordshire. Each candle is carefully crafted in order to provide best burning quality. Tealights are made to produce strong flame.

    Beeswax is a natural product. We do not add any scents, colourant neither we bleach nor process beeswax. As oppose to synthetic beeswax, our beeswax varies in colour and scent. But it still has very distinctive scent and gorgeous colour.

    Our tealights are raw and they may require wick trimming in order to get the best out of them.

    Price is per 1 candle. Burning time is approx 3-4h (if wick maintained properly). Dimension: 15mm (h) x 36mm (d). Fits standard tealight holders.

  • Honey Wedding Favours. Small Honey Pots


    Honey Wedding Favours. Fresh raw honey poured into small jars to celebrate that special moment with the ones you love! Nothing artificial or chemical goes into a jar. Just fresh raw honey. Unpasteurised & unheated.

    Each jar contains 1oz of raw honey.

    Price is per one jar.


  • Large Eco Friendly Tea Lights


    Large eco friendly tea light candles made of raw beeswax. Each tealight is 6cm in diameter and 2.2cm high. Price is per 1 large beeswax tealight

  • Sustainable Dinner Candle


    Dinner candle made of raw and pure beeswax – the only natural and sustainable type of wax. Standard height is approx 20cm and width at the base is approx 2cm. We can also make a custom size to match your project requirements.

    Candles are hand made and dinner candles are made using ancient technique of dipping. That way you get a very unique and personal candle which will slightly vary in shape. This is due to beeswax settling in different way on each candle.

    Our beeswax dinner candles are drip-less by default. However is you prefer the look of wax building up along your candle holder we can make a dripping candle instead.

    Price is per 1 candle. 1 pair (uncut wick) equals 2 candles.

  • Waldorf Ring Candles. Christmas Tree Lights Tapers


    Waldorf ring candles are made of 100% pure and natural beeswax. They fit perfectly into Waldorf ring birthday candle holders. Lots of people use them as an alternative for Christmas tree lights. Or simply for birthday cake unique candles. They will also work on its own as table candles or taper candles.

    Montessori and Waldorf birthday ring candles are hand made using old technique of dipping. Therefore each candle is unique as beeswax will settle in a different way on each candle.

    Each beeswax candle is 12cm high and 12mm at base. Burning time is approx 5hrs.

    Price is per 1 candle.